Fete Dela Musique 2016

Fete Dela Musique (or World Music Day) became an day of venturing in the city of Makati in search of great music. Of course, we easily...

Fete Dela Musique (or World Music Day) became an day of venturing in the city of Makati in search of great music. Of course, we easily found it as the day was dedicated to music. While we were basking under the  I would've loved to cover all of the stages but I had to force myself to stop at 6 only because I had a strict curfew. As tiring as the day was and as panicked as I was because my camera's battery was on the brink of death, the adventure was totally worth it!

Prepare for a long-ass photo-heavy post because I had way too much fun shooting for Scout that Saturday night. You can view several of my photos on Scout's website!
And the search for great music ended as soon as BP Valenzuela set foot on the main stage. I'm still a fan even if this is the nth time I've seen her perform. (How I wish I appreciated Steady sooner. I was too fixated on Pretty Car that it was the only song I looked forward to.)
RH Xanders (Main Stage)
Oswald Sleeps Tonight (Fusion)
Took a short breather below 12 Monkeys and really enjoyed this view of Makati. It really made me think how much this kind of environment influenced my current lifestyle. #padeep
 The Ransom Collective (Main Stage)
En Route to Lokal Hostel with Andy
Lokal Hostel, which housed the Eclectic + Art stage that night, had a certain vibe which made you feel like you were in a movie. Had I not been shooting, I would've gotten a beer with Andy.
Skint Eastwood (Eclectic  + Art)
 Live Art Session (Eclectic + Art)
Tom's Story (Indie)

Aaaand off we go to my favorite stage! As soon as I walked in The Axon in Green Sun, I knew I found a new favorite. As much as I'd want to quote Tom's Story for this post, it simply isn't possible. I had the privilege of an all-access pass for the event and the only breathable area for me to shoot was backstage (hence, all the against-the-light-pa-art effect photos) 
 Farewell Fair Weather (Indie)
 Autotelic (Indie)

Still a blast jamming to Autotelic. I remember seeing them live for the first time in SaGuijo and jamming even though I had no clue what they were playing.
She's Only Sixteen (Indie)

First time seeing She's Only Sixteen perform! I've heard a lot from this band but I never really got the chance to listen to them (oh, the irony in this sentence).
Mr. Bones (Rock)

The Rock Stage's location took my breath away. I absolutely fell in love with the way the room was lit. Plus, it wasn't as crowded as the Indie stage. I would've stayed longer but I felt the need to party in Black Market
...but I didn't respond to that urge since I wanted to go to unexplored territory, thus taking me to the Bedroom Beats stage in Belle + Dragon. I really, really, really wanted to stay here longer since the place was ultra picturesque and I wanted to try the food (fine, and also the beer) but the child in me was about to get sundo-ed already.

 I came home reminiscing about the music I used to listen to. My punk-rock 2nd year high school self always thought about ~nights that made you feel alive~ and I realized I've been getting these nights more often. For me, it just feels so nice to be liberated from all the stress I've been subjecting my self to. Even if the shoot was for work, it simply didn't feel like it because I loved what I was doing. So, that's how my Makati adventure went during Fete Dela Musique. It was just another night filled with intelligent conversation, amazing music, and even better company. I'm positive this night wouldn't be the last of its kind.

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