You're the Sun In My Morning, Babe

Despite beings stuck in the middle of a hectic pre-finals week at school, my family managed to convince me to not think about anything ac...

Despite beings stuck in the middle of a hectic pre-finals week at school, my family managed to convince me to not think about anything academic related while I was in Cebu. Every year, we set out to the Queen City of the South for some needed relaxation. Typically, we go straight to the Virgin Island but this year, we first headed to Oslob and Simala. I was really looking forward to this trip since I had unworn bikinis waiting to be soaked in saltwater. The bikinis were maximized as I lounged for days in my favorite island.

Window seats are my favorite.
Oslob has been one of the most talked about tourist destinations in Cebu because of the whale sharks. I was extremely excited when I found out it was added to our itinerary. 
Spot the hand keeping me underwater. It felt like I was being dragged down by the guilt of exploiting these poor whale sharks for the sake of a photo. :-(
I'd love to rant about my love for swimsuits but I fear it might end up being a political rambling about a certain presidential candidate who thinks there's a correlation between wearing bikinis and rape cases. :----------)
Right after our quick visit to the whale sharks, we went straight to Simala to set our Holy Week off. 
I've heard a lot about the Simala Church. This houses a miraculous image of Mama Mary which sheds tears of blood.
I 'm not religious but it sure felt great to pray over my own personal issues
(which I later drowned in saltwater, last-minute karaoke, and Jose Cuervo)
We tried something different this time. The boys of the Springdale Football Team found a pretty decent jump-off area for us to dive. It was a relatively shallow dive but it took us a five-minute swim to get to shore.
The island had an influx of seafood and liquor. I liked the honey-flavored whiskey best!
I learned that little sisters make great test subjects. For every self portrait, my sister had an equal counterpart of the same background. distance, and setting as I had to prime her on what to do.
The kids of the island
A development in the island is the site specific for the campfire. As always, we end every night on the island with a campfire and some s'mores. (Syempre, I had to go all emo and When I'm At Home by The Maine kept playing in my head as I was editing.)

Every trip to Cebu is just as fun as the last time. Again, thank you to my Cebu Squad even if this trip might be our last together because screw you, adulting!!!! Thank you for always letting me play my rap. If anything, I'll miss the nights we'd sleep on the shore the most. :-(

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