Always had a passion for flashin'

"Like we always do at this time," except at 8AM, I'd be cuddling with my comforter instead of braving the barren land that...

"Like we always do at this time," except at 8AM, I'd be cuddling with my comforter instead of braving the barren land that is Aseana Open Grounds. But this felt like the absolute good life... even though I was overworked from pulling an all-nighter for one of my majors and I managed to squeeze 8 hours of sleep from 2 to 6AM. I remember worrying over my outfit for the next day and priming myself for what feels like the biggest shoot of my life before going to bed.

"They say the best things in life are free," and I can attest to this because I technically got a free pass to Paradise in exchange for running around in between sets to submit photos (which I'm not complaining about). It seriously felt like the perfect mix of fun and work and it truly felt like an honor to be shooting Paradise International Music Festival's inaugural show. There were seriously no qualms when it came to service and the spot-on schedule. I seriously don't know what to expect for next year's show as this one was nothing short of a great experience.

Sadly, there weren't enough people to appreciate the early acts like Lenses and Maude (I'm blaming the heat). Given the early call time, there was literally nothing else to do at that time but to shoot and let the dust settle on every part of my body. (The dust was the only thing I'd complain about, really!)

Yolanda Moon

Airplane Boys
The Airplane Boys all the way from Canada. Sayang because it felt like their set was under-appreciated as the group was beaming with such energy. There wasn't any crowd to begin with, plus performing under the heat was such a strain. They were super fun to shoot, nonetheless! (and I think it was during this time when the volunteers and I were stressing over the arrival of our Jollibee)

DJ Katsy Lee
I first heard of her while I was on exile in Bacolod. Again, she performed early on and didn't really have much of a crowd to work with. If Aya came earlier, I'm pretty sure we would've gone sprak with those corny dance moves which we typically see on Facebook.

I shot Cheats under the blazing heat and suffered from a sunburn worse than the one I got from the beach. I traded an hour in the air-conditioned media tent for the shoot but it was all worth it. (It's just kilig whenever Saab and Jim would make landian on stage.)

Don't even get me started with Hale because the last time I saw them perform was during DLSU's University Week early in 2015. I was emo-ing on my own when they were playing The Day You Said Goodnight but I completely went full fangirl when they played Pitong Araw. (Syempre, deep inside lang because I was practically on my own and it wouldn't be nice to see me go full berserk only because they played my favorite song last.) Seriously, I have flashbacks to that time when they played Pitong Araw and it just puts a smile to my face every single time. As cheesy as it may sound, it felt like true happiness to be there in that very moment.

I'm glad to be shooting with her support as she constantly held (and drank from) my Gatorade while I fixed my lens. Being in Paradise took its toll on us as we spent an entire morning in Starbucks, cramming for a Thesis Proposal which we swore we'd start on that night. BUT WHO ARE WE TO REJECT THE CALL OF YEEZUS?! We were fueled by coffee and Clover chips on that dreaded Tuesday morning but we casually reminisced over the amazing weekend we both shared (CHAAAAAAR).

The Itchyworms
The only reason why I barely took any photos during Itchyworms' set was due to the fact that I had a hotdog in one hand and a large drink on the other (thank you, 7/11!) Plus, I was too busy enjoying the set with mah bestie (altogether now: IBUHOS NA / ANG BEER / SA AKING LALAMUNAN).

Up Dharma Down
The only thing I remember during Up Dharma Down is that I had an amazing dinner backstage (the coffee-crusted beef was my only source of caffeine the entire day) and I came back just in time to hear Tadhana play.

Austin Mahone
"Ang sarap niya picturan," was all I could say after Austin Mahone's set. (Aside from the fact that he's budget Bieber gwapo,) I just really enjoy taking photos of people on the move!

Everybody's got something they can't hide
Let it out into the open, right here, right now.

Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa's set started with Black and Yellow and I already told my co-photographer that I'd be rapping and shooting at the same time. I was starting to get anxious during Wiz Khalifa's set because it felt like I wasn't getting any shots rights and I was already priming myself for the next act. The crowd was already building up so, I had to secure a good enough photo spot for Kanye. (I have an entire post on him ahead!)

And there I was, concluding my 19-hour run in Paradise with my favorite DJ, Afrojack. I was waiting for my sundo in a rave, thinking that this is the coolest that I'll ever be. (At this point, the entire second stage smelled like one big inhaler.)

To be honest, I was kind of iffy to push through with the shoot because I was worrying over my academics. But then again, I always had the passion for flashing, so it would be my biggest regret to pass on such a big opportunity. (I'd like to thank Reena for taking me under her team! I'm looking forward to Paradise IMF 2017!)

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