Now, I'm Free Fallin'

Last Friday, I was invited by my friend Joaqui to shoot his band's performance during Free Fall: UP Fair Friday . Coming from a clas...

Last Friday, I was invited by my friend Joaqui to shoot his band's performance during Free Fall: UP Fair Friday. Coming from a class, an org team building, and org work for The LaSallian, I wasn't at my best but two Red Bulls did the job for me. The following day, I suffered from fatigue (I thought those only happened in Harvest Moon after a day of farming). The outcome was better than expected though! It was my first time shooting in full manual mode and I was so glad to be back in the photo pit. The last time I did that was during Chicosci's album launch in 2012. I even ran into my cousin in the pit! (Maybe it's a sign that it was where I belonged... char.) 

A big shoutout to my photography class because I learned about Daido and I'm now appreciating motion blurs, Even though my acads stress me out to the extremes, I can honestly say that I'm learning a lot from practicing. I honestly just enjoy taking photos of bands because there's something about the candidness of it all. (Or maybe I'm just reminded of how bad I am at portraits.) Read on to view photos of Built to Crash, Cheats, BP Valenzuela, and Taken By Cars
Built to Crash

I was a Built To Crash groupie for a day. I got a backstage pass while they got new Facebook DPs in return.

When Joaqui told me Cheats was performing in the same show, I really pushed to go. I haven't seen them perform but I've heard a lot about them mostly from my research on SaGuijo (which I'm super excited to talk about after we finish it!) I was looking forward to their set and I was left in awe by the band's energy. (Bonus kilig from Saab Magalona and her husband)

I really like my photos from their set. I didn't really like how the last two photos showed up on my camera. Everything seemed to be blurry up until I post-processed most. All it took was heavy filtering and a little bump of grain for that film aesthetic.

B.P. Valenzuela
She and I came from the same high school but I spazzed deep inside when she said hi to me backstage. I ran into another friend in the photo pit and just danced out broken hearts off during Pretty Car.

Taken By Cars
I first saw Taken By Cars live during my first University Week in La Salle. I feel like I underappreciate the band as they put on such a great show every time.

I hope my Photography professor doesn't get tired of my music photography. It's just a passion project I've been pursuing ever since I got my camera and now that I "upgraded" my gear, I'm willing to take it more seriously. I don't really follow any technicalities when it comes to shooting as long as I like the outcome. It's not something I ask validation for but I just really like taking photos.

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