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So, the  #prob1n5ya tour continues! The background song couldn't have been more fitting because I looked forward to this weekend f...

So, the #prob1n5ya tour continues! The background song couldn't have been more fitting because I looked forward to this weekend for so long, it actually appeared in my dreams. But to be honest, I was dreading my trip to Bacolod for a brief weekend because of the schoolwork I'd be leaving in Manila.  Heck, I'd trade all my schoolwork for another Masskara experience! Just like the song, I got what I wanted but it went away so fast. :'( School was cancelled the day after ourtrip. Had we stayed longer, we could’ve gone on a road trip to the farm. :-(
Read on for a play-by-play of the video!
My sister and I flew to Bacolod for my cousin's debut which was right during Masskara weekend so, I couldn't say no to the trip. My sister celebrated her first somehow unsupervised trip!

I walked around Lacson past midnight in the clothes I wore during the debut. I got weird stares because I was EXTREMELY over-dressed. When in BCD, be as casual as possible. I could wear my pambahays out and no one would give a damn. (Also, walking around past midnight isn't much of a big deal either. I love how I didn't have a strictly imposed curfew over the weekend. #ProbinsyaPerks)

Crazy family photo post-debut!

0:00 - 0:19 - Lacson Street, Midday. I’ve always heard stories that the entire street was locked down solely for Masskara weekend but it was my first time experiencing it. My cousins, sister, and I just spent afternoons walking from one end of the strip to another. An entire block along the tourism strip was dedicated to their signature inihaw, Inasal. (I had friends who actually demanded I bring back Inasal…)

0:20 - 0:39 - C's, Lacson. After a night in L’Fisher, we just had to give their resident bakeshop a try. I had the Chocolate Caramel Mud Cake while my cousin had the Classic Cheesecake. Compared to its neighboring cake stores, C’s is a bit pricey but you surely get the most out of your money.

0:40 – 0:45 Sanders, New Government Center. Of course, Bacolod prides itself in its chicken but it doesn’t always have to be about Inasal. I first tried their Chicken Pesto back in May with my cousin, Nikka. (Sanders is one of the reasons I keep coming back to BCD haha!)

0:46 – 0:52 Piaya shopping. Need I say more? My sister and I bought over 30 packs (plus the additional packs my relatives insisted we bring home) as pasalubong.

0:53 – 0:58 – Cousin bonding in SM (plus C’s Churros)! We just had to load up on food before heading to Masskara Invasion (Ahhh, one of the best experiences ever! I have no words for Invasion partly because I can’t remember anything about that night.)

0:59 – 1:27 – Lacson Street at night. The strip transforms into something entirely different as soon as the sun goes down. The inasal joints would turn into inuman spots and empty stages would have DJs spinning until the wee hours of the day. Of course, we had to bring the young’uns home then my cousins and I would go out for a different kind of fun.

1:28 – 1:49Café Bob’s Open Grounds. Under that colorful canopy were casual food choices (like Lord Byron’s Back Ribs!) and artworks by the locals. (Think a fusion of Maginhawa and Midnight Mercato in BGC)

1:50 – 2:09More walking, more parties, more fun! The crowd was massive and my cousins were complaining about the traffic (but it was nothing compared to Manila traffic!!!!!) My sister pointed out that our road trip from the airport took a while because the roads were long, not because it was congested with cars.

Not much has changed since my last visit. While the food, the people, and the place remain constant, the stories get more and more interesting with each trip. I’m honestly annoyed at myself for not appreciating Bacolod as much as I appreciated my last few visits. It’s such a breather from city living without having to go on the full probinsya experience. This trip had me inquiring when our term breaks are just so I can travel back home.

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