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Summer called me early as I took another trip to Cebu in the midst of my finals week to visit the ever glorious Virgin Island with my fam...

Summer called me early as I took another trip to Cebu in the midst of my finals week to visit the ever glorious Virgin Island with my family and a few family friends. Compared to my first trip, we took very little photos but had way more fun than last time! Still, my photos couldn't give justice to the clear waters surrounding the island. Read on for my photo diary of the trip!

We flew to Cebu on Sunday and due to airport protocol, we went there hours before our flight. More often than not, flights would usually end up delayed but by a streak of luck, ours got rebooked two hours prior to our scheduled flight.
Once I got to my hotel room, the first thing I did was film my self delivering a speech because if I didn't, I wouldn't be able to qualify for my majors. To reward myself, I immediately went to La Marea to get a Warm Brownie Cup. I finally get to eat it again after two long years!
We headed out to the island hours away from the city on Monday. It was four hours on the road, an hour on a ferry, a few more minutes of land travel, then a pump boat before we got to the Virgin Island. Still, the stress of school followed me when my professor said she didn't allow online submissions. Imagine my panic! I'm grateful to have friends to do special favors for me (love u Dana) The first thing I did once I stepped on the island: send my final paper. Up until the previous night, I was drowning in school work but I was lucky enough to be soaked in sea water the next day.
Nothing much changed except they relocated the lounge chairs to where the sun shones the brightest. I had to look for another siesta spot if I didn't want to get extra toasted. #hassle The days were humid but we had the sea to drench us with salt water. I'd take this over an air-conditioned classroom any day!
My partners in crime through seemingly endless rounds of Pong, Kings Cup, and card games. #sepanx
 Swimming for hours barely wore us out so, we extended our day until the wee hours in the morning. While the oldies were asleep, we'd play soiree games by the shore and casually talk under the stars.
I didn't think it was possible for me to get darker but apparently, I did. I have tan lines that look like gloves because of my rash guard which I don't really mind having them because I'm reminded of how much of a good trip it was. Travelling back home was more dragging than carrying my luggage all over Cebu. This was my third trip to Cebu but I keep falling in love with it every time.

Cebu 2015 from Allana Aldea on Vimeo.

To compensate for the lack of photos, here's a video taken with my friend's GoPro plus a few footage of my own! (I would've used Beyonce's 7/11 but we lack the dance moves for it)

Procrastination will allow you to edit and post several videos and blog updates just to avoid any form of responsibility,

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