Arrows, lines were falling

My second term in college has been particularly busy. It got to the point where I've gone to school without any sleep. Times like those...

My second term in college has been particularly busy. It got to the point where I've gone to school without any sleep. Times like those, I'm grateful to have coffee first thing in the morning. I'm just glad I get to have these breaks in between my academics. 
I started October with a DLSU vs FEU game and zero knowledge on basketball. Mela and I just clapped along with the crowd so we don't look as oblivious HAHA.
My kind of Happy Thursday with Dani. We decided to finish schoolwork in Gelatissimo only because we had free coupons. 

✓ Bucket List: Make sabit on a jeep. These trips take us to Bagong Silang in Caloocan for our weekly immersion. We experience a fair amount of hell in those jeeps because we suffocate in pollution throughout the trip. 
✓ Bucket List: Run Walk a marathonMy PE class required my class to wake up at 5am for this marathon. My friend and I were just eyeing nice shoes the entire time.
Matchies with Eunice (aka my fan) Celebrating the opening of Family Mart in Taft.
Halloween costume v1. While watching a football game, I made a big decision to skip my NSTP class and just go trick or treating with my family instead. With no costume in mind, I just told my mom to bring by 9-year-old brother's uniform and hoped it fit.  I can't tell if I'm small or the uniform's just big. 
Halloween costume v2. And this is the costume I prepared for the most. I already had a dress ready. All it needed was the signature Lilo look. My mom and I sewed those patches on overnight just to give justice to Lilo. Despite all the sewing, I still lacked a Stitch (aaaaahhhhhhh the pun)
School stuvves (plural ng stuff?) ft. Mela and Dani's buttplug (aka our equipment for our documentary shoot)
Ortigas hits with my bae-max aka little brother. Podium is my family's safe haven and all of my hang-out places seem to be confined in the Ortigas territory. My siblings and I needed our Cinnabon fix right before watching Big Hero 6. The three of us were holding back tears inside the cinema house because of Tadashi :'(
This was probably the only night in November that wasn't dedicated to anything school related.
CLAter (See you later, get it?) was a project held by FAST 2014 to celebrate the time we had with our blockmates. Who could say no to free pizza and good music? (Please appreciate the crepe paper.)
I have no idea how I got into this hobby but maaaan, brush lettering is so fun to do. These lyrics fill up the empty spaces in my planner. I get my inspiration from the #brushlettering tag on Instagram and I seriously can't wait to do more!

This post was sponsored by the free time in my hands as I continue to stall my 4-page paper due on Thursday.

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