Pwede bang itigil muna ang pag-ikot ng mundo?

At ngayon, 'di parin alam kung ba't tayo nandito.  ♫   After my first (and only) class of the day, Floro and I took a spo...

At ngayon, 'di parin alam kung ba't tayo nandito.  
After my first (and only) class of the day, Floro and I took a spontaneous trip to the National Museum. She and I have been planning to go on a photowalk together and today seemed like the perfect day to go on one. Armed with our smartphones, we ventured through the sketchy streets of Manila. Luckily, timing was on our side as we arrived in the Museum of the Filipino People right as they opened. 

The Museum of the Filipino People x National Art Gallery. The former houses artifacts while the latter should be self-explanatory.
 Shoutout to my Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas professors. I wouldn't appreciate the artifacts as much as I did if it wasn't for my prior knowledge.
These jars piqued my interest since we extensively talked about them in one of my classes. I literally screamed "Manunggul jar!" the moment I saw it. The jars on the left are Spanish jars used to hold wine and oil while the one on the right served as a coffin during the pre-colonial era. #Kaspil2hits
The Manuggul Jar's cover (which symbolizes one's travel to the afterlife) + My initials' Alibata equivalent
"Remember Allana Aldea? This is her now. Feel old yet?" + Badassery inside the galleries (feat. my very glamorous nail art)
Juan Luna's Spoliarium welcomed us as we entered the National Art Gallery. Though I tried to find a deeper analysis of the painting, it had me singing the Eraserheads song for the rest of the trip. 
Today's partner-in-crime. We ended up rushing to view some galleries since Floro still had to attend her classes. Meanwhile, I crashed my bed the moment I got home.

Up to now, I don't know how to properly word my feelings towards this trip. (I can't even give a proper explanation to why I nearly cried once I saw the Spoliarium.) A friend just told me that with so much new shit going on, it felt really good to go back to the past. The spontaneity was just what I needed to destress.

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