I woke up near the sea

Right after Boracay, I basically went home to dry my clothes and bikinis for a family trip to Cebu. (I got home from Boracay on the 10th ...

Right after Boracay, I basically went home to dry my clothes and bikinis for a family trip to Cebu. (I got home from Boracay on the 10th then left for Cebu on the 12th.) I've beem looking forward to going back to Cebu because my first visit was such a blast. My trip was so bitin that I thought of reasons to go back to Cebu while I was still in the Queen City of the South. [Almost] all of our expenses were taken care of by our host so, I couldn't be more grateful.

I went all touristy again. I just slept through the entire flight since Bora messed up my body clock big time.
THE BEST DIMSUM I'VE HAD. A fast food chain named Dimsum Break catered to my Siomai craving. I loved how they don't skimp on the shrimp. I'm a big fan of Hakao, Siomai, and all its varieties so, shrimp's a necessity. The only downside to Dimsum Break is that they only have a single branch in Manila and it's in the mall I rarely go to. :---( (Dimsum Break: A reason to go back to Cebu.)
The hotel we stayed in had super fast wifi which I had to put to good use by uploading our Bora vid on the spot. I was accompanied by unending amounts of dried mangoes that night because they sold small packs of dried mangoes for only 10 pesos. (Dried mangoes for 10 pesos: Another reason to go back to Cebu) (Did I mention that the wifi was free?)
After a few hours of road travel to Hagnaya from Cebu City via Ceres Bus, we took a ferry boat to Bantayan Island which took longer than expected due to the strong waves. The seafaring didn't end there since we had to ride a pump boat for a few minutes to Virgin Island.
With over 8 hours of all terrain travel, we were welcomed with shell leis handmade by the locals. Once we set foot on the island, the first thing we did was set up our respective tents because the original place for lodging was highly affected by Typhoon Yolanda. I finally get to cross "Go Camping" off my bucket list!
Though the Virgin Island was fairly small, it managed to provide a beautiful background of clear waters and white sand. Lounge chairs and beach huts across the shore catered to our R&R needs.
Who can say no to Cebu's finest lechon? Me apparently. I'm not a big fan of Lechon but I couldn't resist Cebu's mangoes. I'd eat endless servings of mangoes every meal along with the wide array of seafood our hosts served us with. You wouldn't be able to get enough of crabs, oysters, and fish on the island.  (Mangoes and Seafood: More reasons to go back to Cebu)
...but first, let me take a selfie.
The littluns on the island. (Please get the Lord Of The Flies reference.) Since water activities weren't available, we created our own fun by playing under the sun. We all went on Paulinian mode again by playing Ube and getting sand all over our bods after failing at Frisbee and Patintero.
Once the sun has set, we'd  go on Spongebob mode and gather 'round the campfire and sing our campfire song.
According to Attractour.com, "...The island has unique landscapes with powder white sand that can match of Boracay Island. Added to that, the island has super clear blue water that when you dive underneath the sea with goggle you can even see the object about 10-15 meters onward. (2013)" A problem the island faces is its plumbing. Freshwater is very hard to get but despite being underdeveloped, Virgin Island's potential remains.
Two nights on the island weren't enough! I'm still hungover from the entire trip :---(
During our last night in Cebu, we all tried the first edge coaster in the country. It stands in the highest building in the city. It was scary at first but the mesmerizing view took my fears away. (#arte)

Feeling the intense separation anxiety (sepanx, in other words) because leaving early was such a bummer. I didn't get to try La Marea's Warm Brownie Cup again but it gives me more reasons to go back to Cebu. I'm in the process of canvassing a trip back to the city for Sinulog. (Can you spell excited?)

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