Gotta be down because I want it all

"I put the 'yea' in 'yearbook'" and "I put the 'boo' in 'yearbook'" gets me every...

"I put the 'yea' in 'yearbook'" and "I put the 'boo' in 'yearbook'" gets me every time. We had a little too fun with the projector at one of our meetings. We spotted the togas sitting in one corner and since it was a little chilly, we decided to bask in the warmth of our Seniority.
Christmas gifts from my parents. Mom got me my long-awaited Moleskine Planner (yay a moleskine, finally!) while dad replaced my old boots with a new yet similar pair.
This is what practically transpired during the break: Endless trips to Fort and Alabang. #southkid (joking) We just had to take advantage of sales and extended mall hours to buy gifts for ourselves.
New Year's Eve celebration was well spent mainly because of my mom's Baked Mac and the great company we had over in Alabang. (I'd like to thank my tripod for making these photos possible.)
On the first day of the year, we visited my grandparents' graves and dined at a new Japanese resto at Fort. We're suckers for good Ramen and even better Katsudon.
This is practically the only time I got to hang out with my friends the entire time. I welcomed the new year with good music and better company (yes!)

Three weeks later, my Christmas break comes to a close and I celebrate by finishing the schoolwork I decided to postpone. Another year has come to a close and I have no idea what 2014 has in store for me but I'm hoping it'll be better in every aspect. (DLSU, please accept me.)

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