December 1st, I'm in a foreign state

I've reposted this photo countless times already but I never seem to get tired of it. I took this a few years ago with my digicam fro...

I've reposted this photo countless times already but I never seem to get tired of it. I took this a few years ago with my digicam from the backseat of the car as we drove home from a family reunion. I absolutely love this time of the year because of the music, the places I go to, and the people I spend my time with. Since December started off on the right foot for me, I'm ho-ho-hoping that the rest of the month is just as great. (Also, please check out my holiday mixtape!)

And nope, the Ortigas area is not a foreign state and will never be one. The weekend began with my adventure in Pearl Drive with my friends, then we walked all the way to Shang to get gelato. More walking ensued and by the time I got to Mega, I was practically exhausted. But no regrets! I was welcomed by big shopping bags held by my family.

As a form of bonding, my sister and I hoarded stuff from Forever 21's massive sale. We often go into an agreement that if I get something, my sister has to get one as well. I ended up being the sore loser because they all had complete outfits while I walked out with a pair of shorts, a pair of socks, and a headband.

This year's wishlist. I couldn't ask for anything more because I practically have what I need in terms of family, friends, gadgets, clothing, and whatnot. But the materialistic girl that I am, of course, I still have my demands.
  • Batch Bora - tops the list. My parents have agreed to let me go but terms and conditions apply. The plans are all set but I just need back-up cash for the trip. This is the main reason why I couldn't buy most (if not all) of the stuff on my wishlist!!!!!! #annoying (I use the 20-Peso rule when it comes to my funds. If I spend on something and a 20 peso bill returns as change, it goes straight to the Bora Fund.)
  • A 2014 Planner - I didn't want to spend that much on coffee this year so I'm skipping the Starbucks planner after getting it consistently for 3 years. The search for the perfect planner is still ongoing because I'm highly particular with the type of paper the planners have. The Moleskine one's too thin for me, but heck, it's still a Moleskine.
  • 0.38 Gel Pens from Muji - Lately, most of my pens have been going missing/running out of ink so it would be HIGHLY appreciated if someone got me this.
  • Havaianas Slim in Lime Green - I just want new flip flops for Bora...
  • Mcdonald's Apple Pie - I just can't get enough of these, I swear.
  • Fisheye Lomography Camera/Fisheye Extender Lens - I could've bought this a long time ago but I decided to splurge my money on something else. I have too much stuff to save up for and...
  • To pass my CETs - The results will be out by January and I can't even describe how nerve-wracking the wait has been. I just want my future to be as bright as a diamond (jk. La Salle, pls accept me :----------( )

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