Change in Pressure

I kept telling my self that I need to post on my blog more often. So, I made a promise to constantly update this despite school and every...

I kept telling my self that I need to post on my blog more often. So, I made a promise to constantly update this despite school and everything happening. The lack of updates should be blamed on my laziness because school's such a hassle and wears me out 100% of the time. Basically, I'm just too lazy to lug my camera around wherever I go. It's a good thing my phone takes quality photos, so most of my "adventures" end up on my Instagram account. Here's a few photos I took the past few months that didn't make it to this blog (until now).
And the adventure began last summer, when I flew ALONE to my province, Bacolod. (Bucket List #119: Fly alone on an airplane) I had too much fun with my cousins and I ended up putting my CET reviewers away. The summer was well spent because of the taho I had everyday and all the things I couldn't do back here in Manila.
So, after a kick-ass summer, I was welcomed by a package from Canada containing my favorite things: Pistachios, Bikini tops, and Licorice. From a swimming trip in Laguna, my dad drove me straight to Makati so I can watch Mayday Parade live for the 4th time. (#clutch)

"Take a breath and let the rest come easy" became my Senior Year motto. It served as an explanation for the fad that is called "Senioritis." I knew from the start that my last year in high school would be one for the books since I'd be spending it alongside my two lemons. We spent Junior year apart and St. Paul magically brought us together again. ♥
With school starting, I had to de-clutter my environment (4th photo) and change it to something that would motivate me (1st photo). On my vision board, I had notes that told me to #push so I can reach my goals (2nd photo: Dream school, 3rd photo: Arizona has always been the biggest dream.)
Halfway through the term, most of my batchmates and I took one of the most important tests of our lives: the UPCAT. I brought an entire tray of Chips Ahoy for the test and ended up eating only one cookie because the test DRAINED ALL THE KNOWLEDGE OUT OF ME. It was pretty tough balancing academics and review at the same time so, I just ate and ate and ate and ate and ate afterwards (Ben and Jerry's yum yum!)
For our Senior Year, we bid goodbye to our Home Economics and Computer classes to make way for our Electives. I personally chose Multimedia Arts since it was close to the courses I'd be taking up in college. Endless sleepless nights have been spent working on those projects but getting a good grade served to be more rewarding than 8 hours of sleep.
Three days into my break, I managed to buy Christmas gifts for everyone yay! My family and I went to Divisoria and I had pretty good finds. (I also promised my self that I'd post the things I bought again so, another post is up my sleeve. I found it really surprising that someone actually noticed that.) 

This post may or may not be a product of my procrastination. I have yet to start with my schoolwork. 

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