The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground

Right after my trip to Bacolod , we headed over to the Queen City of the South to kick 2013 off! The trip tested my patience since we had...

Right after my trip to Bacolod, we headed over to the Queen City of the South to kick 2013 off! The trip tested my patience since we had to wait in the San Carlos port for 8 hours. Because of the delay, we only had one full day in the city. We had to rush out as soon as we dropped our luggage off and make the most out of our day in Cebu.

The wait was worth it because the view on the way to the city was such a beaut!
Timing wasn't on our side as we arrived in Cebu 2 weeks before Sinulog. But still, I dropped my luggage, prepped my camera, and roamed around Cebu like there's no tomorrow. Our first stop was the Basilica Del Santo Nino, also known as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Cebu. We were lucky enough the catch the latter part of the mass. The interesting thing about the mass was that it was celebrated in Cebuano, I managed to translate a few words but my brain just gave up when the words got too deep.
Within the Church is the Philippine's ultimate sign of Catholicism - Magellan's Cross. The present cross encased the original relic brought by the Spaniards in 1521.
Because we couldn't let the day end without a little cousin bonding, the littl-uns drove to different hangout spots in the city and just ate our hearts out. We first went to a sketchy carnival, rode their mini roller coaster, then left for a safe haven. We took another spontaneous trip to a place where you could dance your ass off. We had a little friendly competition on who could dance better but we just gave up and opted to eat out. For dessert, we went to the IT Park where I HAD THE MOST AMAZING BROWNIE EVER. La Marea's Warm Brownie Cup was so delicious, I wanted to bring the entire bakery to Manila. I swore I'd come back for it someday!

Flying home felt so heavy and I don't think it was because of all the dried mangoes we brought home. I think I left my heart in La Marea... kidding!

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