I'm not giving up, I'm just starting over

2012 was full of ups and downs. Read on to know how my crazy year went! January was getting a planner on the first day of the yea...

2012 was full of ups and downs. Read on to know how my crazy year went!

January was getting a planner on the first day of the year and wanting to become a Victoria's Secret Angel, January was making sugar skulls and a magazine for Pauliworld. January was skipping Simple Plan and Katy Perry. January was filled with school related shit. January was getting a physical copy of Everything's Fine and spending time with my relatives from Canada. January was the school fair and short hair. January was holding my camera the wrong way.
February was a catastrophe. February started a very bad habit. February would make my summer-2010 self proud. February was making a video with Nigel and Sharina. February was Facebook likes. February was dinner with Nigel, Rian, and Ate J and meeting Kyle Burns. February was kissing Kyle Burns. February was a drum stick and picks and meet and greets. February was post concert depression. February was meeting The Summer Set and getting my albums signed. February was crying in the car because I was headed to the beach while my friends had breakfast with the Liv5 bands. February was expired film and my dad giving me his old camera. February was bonding with Sabsy. February was spending nights in a hospital and waiting. February was commuting alone from a funeral home to school. February was finding out something before everyone else knew. February took away one of my favorite uncles. February took away my grandmother. February was me being selfish. February was bittersweet. February was crashing and beginning again.
March was getting prints. March was staying at Starbucks from dinner until 2am with my sister because my parents were out. March was crying with Sharina and Nigel because we missed Smash Project (Hence, no The Cab). March was planning to stalk Cobra Starship and The Cab at the hotel but I woke up at 3am and saw tweets from The Cab bidding goodbye to the Philippines. March was SUPER stressful. March was leaving my second year of high school behind. March was seeing my childhood friends after three years. March was summer and me watching The Hunger Games to kick things off. March was more film. March was The Maine and meeting them at RX. March was The Maine The Maine The Maine The Maine THE MAINE.
April was The Maine's post concert depression and ATTEMPTING to paint. April was a sick photo wall. April started things with Built By Sonic and working on the We The Kings show. April was wanting to play musical chairs. April was hating on Falyn, baking cupcakes, and reading fan fiction until 3am with my cousins. April was countless trips to Mercato and endless orders of milk tea. April was listening to Austin Gibbs and sleeping at 5am. April was a believable photo of Garrett lying down on me.
May was getting the School of Visual Arts catalog and making up my mind about my course for college. May was putting on nail polish perfectly for the first time. May was fueled by bottles of AriZona iced tea at Binhi's house. May was baking more cupcakes. May was taking more trips to Greenhills and Boni High and buying markers from Muji. May was thinking that I lost a ticket to the WATIC show and feeling the relief as soon as I found it. May was seeing Joe Jonas with a huge pimple on my cheek and making my sixth grade self happy. May was putting glitter on a pair of black shoes then wearing those shoes to the We The Kings show and making my fan girl self even happier. May was the We The Kings show which sort of kind of paved my way to my future.
June was complaining about how I couldn't get my SLR to the SYG/WATIC/TC show but ending up enjoying the show 100x more because I just jammed with my friends instead of shooting. June was just jamming and dancing to We Are The In Crowd and holding up 'PROM?' signs. June was crying on Ate Julienne again because Mayday Parade and Bazooka Rocks. June was a new cork board. June was school and more time with the family. June was sticking letters to my empty Muji notebooks again. June was finding out about Lightroom and the wonders it could do to my concert photos. June was bonding with my dad to this thing at MOA and signing up as "freelance." June was buying vegetable juice and HATING IT TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT BECAUSE I NEVER EVER EAT VEGETABLES. June was giving up on French Fries and actually studying.
July was wanting to get a tattoo. July was me turning 16 and getting my dream pair of shorts. July was me trying to paint again. July was my best friend surprising me while I was watching Awkward (thus, the pizza. Thanks, Ysa!). July was Tita Lui treating me dessert and Nigel getting me an overpriced comb for my birthday. July was Greenhills and Boni High Street again. July was expensive as hell.
August was painting more, shooting more, listening to more music and dressing up a little bit better. August was my creativity paying off and winning the best shot among Sir Kenchi's classes. August was cutting a shirt and getting a reply from Nick Automatic and Chicosci. August was creative.
September was  learning how to post-process. September was ACTUALLY learning. September was immersing in Zambales and meeting my people (kidding). September was not missing The Cab for the third time. September was being a good street team for Mayday Parade. September was hitting my head to get meet and greets for Mayday Parade. September was meeting Forever The Sickest Kids this time and getting my planner signed. September was me going to more shows because Bazooka Rocks. September was Sabsy fainting on me during Forever The Sickest Kids and fighting our way to the front during The Maine. September closed with my self esteem going negative because of Taylor Momsen. September proved that #dedekexists.
October was  having lunch with Miggy Chavez and Vernon Go telling you that "you have potential."  October was my OPM side emerging and watching Chicosci perform live. October was the start of the jologs in me. October was my very first photo pit. October was me taking one of the best photos I ever took. October was a VERY different display picture on Facebook. October was me taking photography sort-of seriously.
November was me getting new lens after constant begging. November was other people thinking I took photography seriously. November was a winner BECAUSE OVERALL CHAMPIONZ HOLLA. November was wanting to go to Cebu because... of dried mangoes. November gave closure to my Twilight phase and sobbed inside the movie house with Nigel and Sharina. November was being badass. November was spending 8 hours in front of a computer screen to finish a project. November was a misunderstanding because of a sugar skull. November was chill.
December was taking a test for Algebra and slept the entire day after. December was my self esteem depleting again because of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. December was having my first wax. December was me skipping This Century so I can study. December was actually finding a date to prom HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. December was going to my last concert for the year after a facial and looking like I was smothered with glue. December was going full-blast jologs and watching Rock Loqal with my co-jologs. December was becoming Raspberry: Girl (joke lang). December was me flying to Bacolod with dread because I was about to have a social life but ending up not wanting to leave. December was my first party and dancing with an absolute stranger IN THE F-ING PROVINCE and not being able to take We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together seriously (like, ever). December was going back and forth from the province to the city through a 2-hour road trip. December was me ending up in Starbucks and having my last coffee ofthe year with my cousins because we weren't allowed to go to another party. December was alcohol and other things I couldn't do back home.

2013 better kick some ass.

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