I had a dream last night we drove out to see Manila

Bazooka Rocks , the Philippines' first ever indoors music festival, was held last September 30 with The Pretty Reckless headlining th...

Bazooka Rocks, the Philippines' first ever indoors music festival, was held last September 30 with The Pretty Reckless headlining the show. Aside from their promising line-up, another great thing about Bazooka Rocks is that it's annual. Their international roster featured 3 of my favorite bands, along with other pop punk staples. Yesterday, a few bands held their meet-and-greet sessions and I was lucky enough to meet Mayday Parade and Forever The Sickest Kids!

I experienced my first mosh pit ever during The Wonder Years' set and it was beyond intense. We knew that the mosh pit was deadly but we were lucky enough to walk away from it with only a minor bruise. Despite our many misadventures throughout the day, my cousin and I still had a wonderful time. (If it wasn't for Sabsy, I wouldn't be crying together over Mayday Parade right now. Big thanks!)

The aftermath: I absented my self from school because I was sick the past three days. Not only did I lose my voice, my body also suffered from 12 hours of non-stop screaming with barely any food. Still, I wouldn't know how I'd be able to recover from one of the best weekends of my life.
A Skylit Drive was sick live! As expected, they played Love the Way You Lie but sadly, it was the only one I could sing along to. Their head-bang inducing music had me jumping throughout their set, though! (Nothing feels lighter than jumping along with a few thousand strangers.)
It was great seeing Forever The Sickest Kids live again. They put on such a good show last time and this one didn't disappoint. The band really knew how to handle the crowd as they prepped everyone for a "wall of death" (ie, extreme mosh pit). I had to watch it away from the crowd so we could rest for a bit but I lost it when they played My Worst Nightmare!
After spending a few minutes away from the crowd, we just had to go back to see The Maine up close. I had to scream "My cousin fainted!" just to get through the crowd (I wasn't lying exactly) but desperate times called for desperate measures. 
Another band I looked forward to seeing: Marianas Trench. My biggest regret was not listening to them as much as the rest of the bands. They had such catchy songs but I only sung along to a few :-( Also, Josh Ramsay is way too sassy for my life! We held hands when he went towards the crowd a a bouncer pulled my hand away :-(
And the moment I've been waiting for the most: Mayday Parade. I had to battle my way to the front and center and all my shoving paid off! I landed the perfect spot to watch my favorite band (just like last time!) They played Oh Well, Oh Well first and I managed to get through the song without shedding a single tear,,. but then they just had to play Jersey next. That's when I got a little sentimental, then just ended up sobbing during their entire set. (Some guy even took a video of me crying and I was on the big screen for a few seconds.)

I set a goal for me to shoot the band with my camera and after a year of waiting, I finally fulfilled that dream!
Someone arrest Taylor Momsen because she completely murdered my self-esteem. We just couldn't leave the venue until we saw her with her band, The Pretty Reckless. It's hard to believe that Little J is only 19! 

Overall, my first Bazooka Rocks experience was surreal! I got introduced to new music, basked under the greatness of the old ones, and just beyond glad to have such good company. I'm really looking forward to the next!

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